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WFSGI & BSI Webinar: "Textile Based Microplastics: Challenges, Approach & Status Quo“

The WFSGI – World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry kindly invites you to a webinar on textile based microplastics: challenges, approach and status quo. 

The WFSGI is pleased to announce the collaboration for this webinar with the BSI - Federal Association of the German Sporting Goods Industry. With its active role in the “TextileMission” project of the German Ministry for education and research, BSI has far reaching expertise in this topic.

For this webinar we have the pleasure to welcome Professor Ellen Bendt from Hochschule Niederrhein, University of Applied Sciences as a guest speaker. Professor Bendt is specialized in the research of sustainable design and textile and apparel technics.

The purpose of this webinar is to provide an overview of:

1.      the current status of the discussion and research around textile based microplastics

2.      the different initiatives which are relevant for the sporting goods sector

3.      the possible starting points for sporting goods companies to engage in the discussion.



23. November 2020, 15:00-16:30 Uhr


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